We Offer
– Health Guarantee(2-weeks health , 1 year for life threatening congenital defects).
– Veterinarian Health Certification
– Vaccinations up to date and dewormings
– tails docked [will leave tail if requested in time by 3-days old]

– Boarding Service Available ($25/night for the pups we sold)
– Please feel free to call for further information. Thank you!
– Puppy Package

RESERVE MY PUPPY! You can use PayPal and safely pay with a credit card.
     $500 DEPOSIT


Your puppy may travel to his/her forever home by either:

1. You picking up your puppy. We are 20 miles west of Midtown New York City.

2. We will meet anyone in a 60 mile radius for a $100 delivery fee.

3. Airline shipping available at buyer’s expense. (not available now)

Since we are not a kennel and our dogs are our house pets and live in our home, when you visit us, you are actually visiting our home. **I’m sorry but we do not have public restrooms.** The area where our puppies are born and raised is in the middle of our household environment and I work very hard to keep it sanitary and clean for them. Therefore, I don’t allow visitors to walk through our home to get to our bathroom.

Visiting our home is allowed after the puppies are 5 weeks of age. In the best interest of our puppies and adult dogs, we are very careful about preventing the transmission of diseases to them. We take every precaution we can to make sure our puppies are not exposed to any kind of disease that may be carried on shoes, clothing or even hands of those who have been anywhere a dog not from our home has been. This includes public parks, dog parks, dog shelters, vet offices, pet stores and other breeders. We ask that you not visit any of these places before you come visit our home. Since our home is where current litters and future litters will be housed, we do not want anything carried in to our puppies or premises. If you are interested in one of our puppies, we will provide photos on our website and personally email you photos and information on our puppies. When you place a deposit on a puppy and the litter is born, we send out photos and information by email bi-weekly so families can watch their puppies grow!

We really care about our puppies and the forever homes they will be going to. We may ask questions when you inquire about our puppies. We only desire the best for them! We want to be sure you are prepared for that commitment.  We reserves the right to reject a puppy reservation or sale puppy to any person for any reason. Or should we feel you do not fully understand the responsibility.